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Product Categories
Energy diagnostic consulting

We provide the optimal energy use solutions by diagnosing and analyzing energy efficiency in the
facilities currently using energy.

01Diagnosis methods
Factors, electronic/electrical for energy loss and process inefficiency are detected through analysis of utilities and production facilities (per industry such as metal, electronic/ electrical, paper manufacturing, food, etc.) in order to provide solutions for improvement.

Economically efficient investment plans are developed, including energy saving solution per facility, lease, ESCO(Energy service company), energy use rationalization fund, support fund for high-efficiency equipment, and so on.

03Diagnosed facilities
Utilities: Any subsidiar y equipment using a motor such as air compr essor , compr essor , conditioning equipment, dust collector, fan, blower, and so forth
Production facilities: Analysis of oper ation patter ns per pr oduction-r elated facility using electr ic Power (e.g. coolant, washing system, press, injection machine, unit of equipment and device, etc.)
04Design, installation,
and follow-up maintenance
Design, installation, and follow-up maintenance One-stop ser vice including analysis of ener gy loss, design, maintenance pr oduction, installation, and follow-up of the existing facilities is diagnosed and Optimized ener gy solution is pr esented analyzed after ener gy efficiency
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Cause of the high oil content in condensate
Oil is generated when air passes through a rator for compressing,
and oil of 2,000 ppm or more is discahrged.
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    EMAIL. TEL. +82 31) 234-4001 FAX. +82 31) 234-4222

    • 130-26, Hyeongok-gil, Cheongbuk-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
    • EMAIL.
    • TEL. +82 31) 234-4001
    • FAX. +82 31) 234-4222
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