Automatic Drain Valve Vertical Time Controlled



Complete Assembly ready to Install

Adjustable time scales to suit any condensate discharge times:
ON Time: 0.5 – 10Sec
OFF Time: 0.5 – 45Min.

Drain test switch to check functionality of unit

Yellow LED’s to indicate status


The Powerflow Automatic Drain is the most economic and efficient method of discharging unwanted condensate from Compressed Air Systems. Removal of condensate from compressed air systems is a critical maintenance requirement. Failure to carry out regular draining results in serious disruption to production schedules, deterioration in product quality, damage to sensitive pneumatic equipment, etc. The auto drain eliminates the risk of human error and possible costly aftermath by providing regular system drainage. The Powerflow Automatic Drain reliably discharges accumulated fluids from filters, dryers, driplegs, receivers, separators and other collection points to keep downstream operations free of liquid contaminants.

Technical Specification


Every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this specification. However in order to maintain our technological lead we are continuously improving our products which could, without notice result in amendments or omissions to this specification. We cannot accept responsibility for damage, injury, loss or expenses resulting therein.

Timer Specification
Timing Scale ON Time 0.5 – 10Sec. OFF Time 0.5 – 45Min.
Supply Voltage Model Specific
Direct Acting Valve Specification
Minimum Working Pressure 0 Bar
Maximum Working Pressure 17 Bar (247 PSI)
Seal Material Viton
Body Brass with sealing seat in stainless steel
Internal Parts Stainless Steel
Media Water – Air – Steam – Light Oils – Diesel Oil